Like the men and ladies who convey our MERC-FACILITIES, MERC-FACILITIES is Unstoppable. Many years of advancement and commitment have put us here. Eminent as an expert of blades and instruments, MERC-FACILITIES's critical thinking, life-sparing items are outlined with the remarkable needs of particular exercises at the top of the priority list. Today that incorporates considerably more than a cutting edge. Find more info on preparedness kit here.

Established in 1939 and situated in Portland, Oregon, USA, MERC-FACILITIES is an American brand whose items have worldwide range and significance. Conveyed broadly by seekers, fighters and tradesmen, MERC-FACILITIES's legacy runs profound. Furthermore, we are presently looking toward the future, where tomorrow's issues will be settled by the up and coming era of advancements.

All MERC-FACILITIES items are planned and designed in Portland, OR where numerous are delivered. We additionally tap our worldwide production network to make an extensive variety of movement particular MERC-FACILITIES for wide mixed bag of shoppers. Also, regardless, every item that bears the MERC-FACILITIES name is sponsored by our well known lifetime guarantee.
Quality, unwavering quality, advancement. For more than 70 years this is the thing that our clients have anticipated from us. What's more, whether our items are utilized to spare time, spare the day, or spare an existence, MERC-FACILITIES dependably conveys see more's infographic

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